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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Brader Dealing Thru Backdoor Again??

First here is Malaysiakini :

Questions raised why BN making it convenient for Anwar to manage party 
ahead of 14th GE,  an analysis by The Star.

Prisons allowed Anwar to remain at Cheras hospital 
convenient for top PKR leaders to meet him

Prisons under Home Minister Zahid Hamidi

govt he is trying to overthrow making it easy to manage his party from hospital

"most pervasive theory is political deal going on between PKR and BN"

authorities not restricted PKR leaders from visiting Anwar 
Saifuddin, Rafizi, Nurul Izzah conferring with AI

"..raised questions about what is actually going on between BN and PKR"

"Are they enemies or 'frenemies'?

"why special treatment for Anwar and PKR leaders?" asked The Star.

Here is Joceline Tan in The Star :

open secret Anwar calling shots in PKR from hospital

able to host meetings with party leaders at Hospital since last week

Anwar final say on party's candidate list 

access at Cheras hospital is far more relaxed

he was conveniently transferred to Cheras 

has sparked all sorts of speculation

not unwell shoulder has healed 
why warded at Cheras

govt making it easy for him to manage his party from hospital 

some political deal going on between PKR and BN

authorities not restricted visits from other party leaders

raised questions about what is actually going on between BN and PKR

Are they enemies or "frenemies"?

why special treatment for Anwar and PKR leaders at such a crucial time?

alignment between political elites seems to be so fluid

sends out conflicting and mixed signals 



This has gone viral. Its quite interesting:

The GST has hit everybody really hard. 
As a nation we are paying RM42 billion more in taxes when previously we did not have to pay.  

This article is for all those people  who claim that GST is good for the public.

Please read the following and be very angry…..

This analysis is done on a simplified  monthly expenditure based on an expenditure of  RM 4000 per month, which is equivalent to  an Annual Income of RM48,000  :-

1. Tel/TNB/Internet/Astro, mthly say RM400/mth,  payable GST is RM24/mth  RM288/per yr 

2. Groceries RM600/mth, payable GST is RM36/mth RM432/per yr

3. Food/meals RM1,500/mth, payable GST is RM90/mth RM1,080/- per yr

4. Other expenses RM1,500/mth, payable GST is RM90/mth  RM1,080/ per yr

Total GST = RM2,880/yr.

Working backwards from FY2017 tax table, with the standard personal reliefs normally claimed, the amount of RM2880/-GST payable will work out, being equal to income tax payable as if you have an annual gross income of approx  RM91,500...

I bet you have never seen GST this way.....right!!!
For starters, a person with an annual expenditure of only RM48k is now paying a GST amount which is equivalent to as if his income was RM91,500.
And if you are an unemployed or retired person, and you have a basic level of expenses as  illustrated above and you are living on savings only,  through the aggregate GST paid as illustrated above,  it is as if you are paying tax on an income of RM 91,500 p.a...
When in fact, as a retiree living on savings, you actually have ZERO income !!!
So this is how the public being screwed with GST..
Please share with those illiterate voters who don't understand GST...

Vote Pakatan Harapan, who have promised to abolish GST if they succeed in becoming the next government. If Pakatan can manage to plug the leaks arising from corruption, we don’t need the GST.

MCEE MCEE I Cannot Reply Your Spam SMS, Could Not Go Thru. This Is Unfair.


 Here is the news :

Many mobile phone subscribers wondering if MCMC spamming public
many received message from a sender listed as “MCMC”

no sender’s number shown only name “MCMC”

users asking if really sent by body tasked with regulating multimedia industry

Lawyer said: “there is case for offence under Communications Act”

Another lawyer said: “Yes, MCMC sent me twice.”

Twitter user asked: “Hi @SKMM_MCMC, did this message come from you?”

MCMC has yet to respond to FMT’s queries about the message
My comments :  Many people have been receiving the silly Spam message.  If you try to reply the replies cannot go thru.  
Here is my reply to them :
                                                     As you can see the reply did not go thru


Whoever would like to help Dr Ong Kian Ming please contact him directly.

Dear friends and supporters,

I am thankful to have been named the Pakatan Harapan candidate for the parliamentary seat of P102 Bangi in the 2018 General Elections. After serving as the Member of Parliament for P102 Serdang from May 2013 to April 2018, the delimitation exercise which was passed in parliament last month has changed the name of my constituency from P102 Serdang to P102 Bangi. The number of voters has been increased from 133,139 in the 2013 General Elections to 178,790 in the upcoming 2018 General Elections. My seat is the largest parliamentary seat in Malaysia in terms of the number of voters. I will not only contest against Barisan Nasional (BN) but will also face opponents from PAS and PSM.

The intense 11-day campaign period will require significant resources. My team and I will put up flags, banners and buntings. We will set up operations centers and voter checking centers. We will organize small and large scale ceramahs. We will print leaflets and other promotional materials. We will send out promotions and campaign messages via social media and whatsapp. We will organize training sessions for Polling Agents and Counting Agents (PACAs). We will prepare materials, food and drinks for the PACAs on polling day.

As such, I am writing to you to ask for your financial contribution for my campaign for P102 Bangi. I am proud of my record as a Member of Parliament for Serdang for the past 5 years. I hope that I can continue to serve the rakyat as an MP for the next 5 years, hopefully under a Pakatan Harapan federal government.

If you would like to contribute to my campaign, please refer to the details below:

Bank: Public Bank
Payable to: "Office of Ong Kian Ming"
Account No: 318 379 2516
You can email the bank-in-slip to or whatsapp an image of the bank-in-slip to +6-012-360-5207.

Let me know if you require an official receipt.

Thank you for your kind contribution and please follow my campaign via my facebook page (, my twitter account ( and my Instagram account (

Dr. Ong Kian Ming
Pakatan Harapan Candidate for the Parliament Seat of P102 Bangi

North And South Korea : The Problem Is The USA

US media taken negative view of peace on Korean Peninsula 
afraid Seoul will conclude “problem is not North Koreans; problem is US" 

US media coverage of warming relations overwhelmingly negative
Friday meeting between president Moon Jae In and Kim Jong Un, more alarmist 
fear that South Koreans could drift into Chinese orbit, out of US orbit

US afraid South Koreans will conclude problem is US

And they'll conclude deal with North Koreans
from South perspective will lift threat of war

South Koreans may agree to withdrawal of US troops from Korean peninsula

If peace treaty question of US military presence on Korean Peninsula

If peace between North and South, why US military presence?

North Koreans pushing Washington for at least a year for talks

Washington said ‘no,  they're not interested 

Now Kim peace overtures to Seoul
Seoul sees this as path out of constant threat of war

Washington's strategic error creating fear in South Korea

actually US strategy erratic and unproductive

North Korean strategy isn't rogue or irrational 
Washington acknowledge that North ‘cooly rational'