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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Religion Will Always Be A "Handful". The Reason is "Why"?

I was talking to some people the other day. Christians, Hindus, Muslim etc. 

They all said the same thing. What many people practise as their religion today is not what was originally taught by the founders, originators of those religions.

Then Buddhism was mentioned. Buddhism too is subject to interpretations. There are different interpertrations and sects in Buddhism as well.

Here is some copy paste :   

'For nearly 500 years after his death, the Buddha's teachings were passed through generations of the monastic community by oral tradition.  In the late first century BCE they were first written down in a collection known as the Pali Canon. Since then a variety of additional texts and translations have appeared.  During Buddhism's 2,500 year history, several thriving sects have emerged, each with a unique take on the teachings of Buddha and daily practice. . . contrast the three dominant strains of Buddhism: Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana, along with a fourth-Zen Buddhism-that grew out of Mahayana . . '

There is no need to talk about the sects in Islam - especially the Sunni and Shias who have been killing each other for a long time.

There is also no need to talk about the sects in Christianity.  Or in Judaism.

Even the newest kid on the block, Sikhism has its sects.  A little bit more copy paste:

'Sikhism one of most revered religions in the world today. Their basic principles of unity, peace and simple living with high ideals appeals to many.

Over the years the sect broke into smaller communities and sects who chose different influences of the ten Gurus. 
These sects have certain beliefs exactly similar to main stream Sikhism and others that cause a difference in ideology every now and then.

Most of these sects preach the beliefs of Sikhism, but have chosen to stay away from the Amrit initiation ceremony. 

There are others who do not claim to be offshoots of Sikhism, but readily respect Gurbani and other Sikh scriptures. 

The seven major sects, believed to have originated from main stream Sikhism are   

  1. 3HO / Happy Healthy Holy Organization. Yogi Bhajan was the creator of this esteemed organization.
  2. Namdharis
  3. Nirankaris.
  4. Nirmalas.
  5. Radha Soamis.
  6. Sindhi Sikhs.
  7. Udasi

I think all religions need to go back to the basics.  

Here are the basics.

1. The issue of proof.

What proofs do you have to back up what you say? This is very important. We need evidence. Real proof. Scientific evidence.  Lets start with your beliefs. Show some proofs.  This is lacking a very great deal.  That is why the questions never get answered. That is why no real solutions are offered. 

2.  The deviation from the original teachings.

Sometimes the original teachings have been lost forever. The original text are not there anymore.  So what were the original teachings of the founders?  Can we determine that first?

Other times, the original teachings and the original texts are still there. But the interpretations by the priests and the scholars have overtaken the original teachings.  So much so that the current version of the religion has no relation to the original text.  

Here I can speak about the Quran.  The present day "political Islam" or "popular Islam"  has almost nothing to do with the Quran - the original text.  Everything is completely different from the Quran.

The Shariah Law? It is not from the Quran. 

There is no punishment for apostasy in the Quran. 
There is no stoning the adulterer in the Quran. 
There is no headcover in the Quran. 
Hijab does not mean headcover in the Quran.   

Even the assalamualaikum is different from the Quran.
The Quran says "Salamun Alaikum'"  (Surah 6:54).

Why dont the Muslims follow their Quran?
Is it a sin?
Is it a crime to follow their own Quran?

If someone says Salamun Alaikum to you, would that be a bad thing to do ?

The point I am trying to make is : 

Whatever your religion, go back to your original teachings. 
What do the original teachings say?

Your religions became great because of the ORIGINAL teachings of the founders and the original texts.

The original teachings made them useful and great religions. 

3.  The inability to explain Why?

When you next go to your churches, synagogues, temples, mosques etc go to the holy men and ask 'Why?' 

If we must believe like this, please explain Why?

If we must do this, please explain Why?

If we will burn in hell, please explain Why?

If we will go to heaven, please explain Why? 

If we will go to a hereafter please explain Why?

It is just a simple question. Keep asking Why?

If you think you are an adult (and not some childish village person pretending to be adult or pretending to be educated)  then you will not be afraid to ask 'Why?'

Ask the big questions  - 

Why does our god exist? 
Why does our god choose this particular mode of belief (systems) for us?  

Whatever answers are provided. you must keeping asking Why?

Just one word Why?

When they cannot answer the "Why?"  anymore, then you will arrive at your truth.  

That truth must be exactly the same as mine. I think so.  

ISIS Has Been Defeated In Syria, But War Getting Worse : A Quick Primer On Syria

1.  Why is there a war in Syria?
15 March 2018
uprising 7 years ago turned into full-scale civil war
> 350,000 dead, devastated cities, drawn in other countries

2.  How did the Syrian war start?
complains about high unemployment, corruption, lack of freedom 
(Just like Malaysia)
March 2011 demonstrations in southern city of Deraa
govt used deadly force to crush dissent
protests erupted nationwide

Opposition took up arms
Assad vowed to crush "foreign-backed terrorism"
violence escalated, descended into civil war

3. How many people have died?
deaths 353,900 people by March 2018
not include 56,900 missing, presumed dead
100,000 deaths not documented

4. What is the war about?
now more than battle for or against Assad
Many groups, countries - each with own agenda - involved
fostering hatred between Sunni majority against Shia
atrocities, torn communities apart, dimmed hopes of peace
allowed Islamic State (IS), al-Qaeda to flourish
Kurds want self-government, another dimension to conflict

5.  Who's involved?
govt's key supporters- Russia, Iran
US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia back rebels
Russia crucial in turning tide of war in govt's favour
Russia targets "terrorists", kill mainstream rebels, civilians
Iran deployed hundreds of troops, spent billions to help Assad
Thousands of Shia militiamen armed, financed by Iran
mostly from Lebanon's Hezbollah 
also Iraq, Afghan, Yemenis - fought alongside Syrian army

US, UK, France, West provided support for rebels
Kurdish-Arab Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) capture territory from jihadists
Turkey supports rebels to contain Kurds (SDF)
Saudi armed rebels to contain Iran
Israel concerned by Hezbollah in Syria 

6.  How has the country been affected?
'00,000 deaths, 1.5m permanent disabilities, 86,000 lost limbs
6.1m internally displaced, 5.6m fled abroad
UN estimates 13.1m require humanitarian in 2018

7.  How is the country divided?
govt regained control of biggest cities
large parts held by rebels, Kurd alliance
largest opposition stronghold Idlib  >2.6m people

assault in Eastern Ghouta
393,000 under siege by govt since 2013
facing intense bombardment 

SDF controls territory east of Euphrates, including Raqqa
Until 2017 capital of ISIS "caliphate" 


8.  Will the war ever end?
does not look like it will any time soon 
UN called for implementation of 2012 Geneva Communique
9 rounds of UN peace talks - Geneva II process, since 2014 little progress

Assad increasingly unwilling to negotiate with opposition
rebels insist he must step down as part of any settlement

West accused Russia of undermining peace by setting up parallel process
Astana process, Russia hosted "Congress of National Dialogue" Jan 2018
pro West groups refused to attend

My comments :  The ISIS has been defeated in Syria. Yet things have gotten a little bit more tricky in that country.  Fact is things have gotten worse throughout the Middle East.  

The 40 million Kurds in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran want their homeland. 

"estimated Kurdish population is 35 million. rough estimate by CIA Factbook has Kurdish populations of 14.5 million in Turkey, 6 million in Iran, about 5 to 6 million in Iraq, and less than 2 million in Syria, which adds up to close to 28 million Kurds in Kurdistan and adjacent regions"

That is a lot of people. In Iraq the Kurdish have been semi-autonomous for over two decades.  The Syrian Kurds also have become self sustaining. Plus they have the US and Israel on their side.

This makes Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Assad worried.  This is a big part of the equation.  There is no single transnational Kurdish group or leadership.  The Kurdistan Workers Party or PKK is very much Turkish in its outlook.

The Kurdish Barzanjis of Iraq seem happy to remain in Iraq.  The powerful YPG in Syria is also focussed on Kurdish autonomy in Syria.

If 45 million Kurds get together on a united platform, they will create a new equation in the Middle East. The sooner this happens, the greater the chance for a lasting peace.

The Shia - Sunni conflict is much easier to handle. Just get rid of the Sauds in Arabia and get rid of the Ayatollahs in Iran.  The entire Islamic world will settle down. 

This should be the focus of the whole world now.  
The satan's horns are so clearly visible. 
We have to cut them off. 
Do not sit with them. 
Or sit on them.